Missions "Update Object with API" UI logic points to old code

Backendless Version v6 4.8

Application ID D7BAAF9E-1409-DA72-FF3C-380ACC56F900

Actual Behavior

I have just completed the “Retrieve Object with API” and onto the next mission “Update Object with API” but the logic behind the button for “Get Person Object” is pointing at the “Save object in Backendless” code on 1/4 of Codeless CRUD Rookie.

The UI button works, i.e it does retrieve the Person object.

Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?

The object is returned to the client because the ‘save’ operation returns the saved object.
Get object should find object by objectId or where clause.
The ‘Update object’ call uses the same method ‘save’, but your object should contain objectId.

p.s. so, just change the logic for getting object to findById or findFirst – this will be more correct.