Misson Data Sponge

I have already created Data Tables and did all the 4 steps. But it is not unlocked yet?? What should I do??

Hello @Sumnima_Rana

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

Please provide your applicationId.

841E51F3-AFC6-507E-FFB0-181C96424900 My application ID

I think I got the first part I am confused with the4 second part Use Backendless API ??

Hello @Sumnima_Rana

I looked and found that the age field you created with type DOUBLE.
But the instructions indicate the type INT.
Please follow the instructions.
Try to create an age field of type INT.

After you run the program, you can verify the object has been saved by clicking the Data icon in…
Where am I actually running this Javascript to save the object??

Hi, @Sumnima_Rana

Please provide us with the full name of the mission that is causing you issues? And please describe exactly what is not working for you (cause any questions), if it is still present.

Regards, Marina