M:N relation table

Hi, I’m newbie on backendless…I have M:N relation between two table then I create third table with foreign key and other column. Can I add, in my query, column of other table?
For example:
var query = { condition: “Atable[id_atable].objectId is not null and Btable[id_btable].objectId = '” + data.data[0].objectId + “’ and Atable[id_atable].boo_live=true” };
var result= Backendless.Persistence.of(TableMN).find(query, new Backendless.Async(correct, error));
I’d like read column title in Atable…Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english.

Hi Valerio,

could you please provide me more info about the structure/schema of your tables (which is parent table, which is child one…) and what exactly do you want to get?
Also, do not expect to see something in a ‘result’ variable. If you pass “new Backendless.Async”, the request will be asynchronous, so the response would be only in your ‘correct’ function (or in ‘error’ if some error occurs).


Hi Stanislav, thanks for reply… I have already create some query and i haven’t problem with Async request

Now I have Song<<------->>Event with M:N relation. I create table SongEvent with foreign key id_song and foreign key id_event (so are children of the above tables) … I create a working query join in SongEvent table but I want add Song column called title because now it return only SongEvent column

Is the problem resolved? It is not clear from the latest post whether you got it working or not.

Yes I solved it