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mobile verification through sms instead of email verifiacation

recently I’ve started using your service for my android app. But in my app, i want to verify users using their mobile numbers by sending a one time code instead of email?
Can this be done?
If so, how ?
Thank You

Hi Himanshu,
Unfortunately, Backendless doesn’t have an SMS sending service.
Regards, Ilya

Hi Ilya,
Thank You for the reply.
So can i use any other SMS gateway to send SMS to users, which is compatible with your service?
Since i’m very new to building android apps, I don’t know much about it, but i’m trying my very best.

It is difficult to say if it is possible or not because it needs deeper investigation.
But unfortunately, due to our Support Policy, it is not a free support option.

Best regards, Ilya


You’re welcome to use any 3rd party APIs which provide that service. That would need to be handled inside of your code though.


OK Thank You Ilya.

OK Thank You Mark.


is there any plan to provide sms verification in 2020?


Yes, we’re in the final stages to roll out integration with Twilio to enable support for 2FA as well as support for some functions provided by them (such as sending out sms/mms).