Modify Facebook User properties


I have a user logged in with the easy Facebook Login process but when I try to update a custom property server returns the error: “Server reported an error: Optional(FAULT = ‘3011’ [Property ‘password’ is required] <Property ‘password’ is required>”.

I´ve already tried with backendless!.userService.currentUser but I think password is always nil.

How could I update the properties?

Thank you.
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Hi Antonio,

I’ve contacted with our iOS dev, he’ll help you asap.
Thank you for patience and Happy Holidays too!


Hi All,

Any update?

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Hello Antonio,
Please check is current user has password and if password nil, you can set password.
See at getter and setter:
@interface BackendlessUser : NSObject <NSCopying>
@property (nonatomic, assign, getter = getPassword, setter = setPassword:) NSString *password;

Hi Kirill

Thank you for the reply.

Can you post it in Swift please?

Thank you.