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Most Efficient Message Use

I’d just like to run this setup past somebody before running in the wrong direction. I’d like to include a group chat service that only needs to notify users not in the app if they’re “tagged.” Would best practice be to use:

-Push messaging for users “tagged”/not in the app
-Pub/sub for regular messages in the app (prevent wasting pushes to every user in the group)
-Saving all messages into a database that the user will refresh from when opening the app to get up to date then relying on pub/sub to stay current.

I’d love any input. Thanks.

A quick second question. My understanding is that pub/sub just makes an api call every second. With the free plan this would mean only 50 concurrent users could be active, correct?

Hi Matthew,

The approach you described is definitely in the right direction.

We’re planning to release an improvement for pub/sub messaging which will use silent push notifications. This will be more efficient on device’s battery life and will save on the API calls to the server.

Your understanding with the 50 calls/sec is correct. For 50 users, it will generate 50 requests/sec.