Moving from cloud99 to scale plan

app id being copied - 45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000

I’m getting -
I renamed the zip file to “”
But then system warned that the fire should be password protected.

I’m using Chrome on Apple M1.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Paul_HIllen,

To create a new application from a zip file, you need to use the file that was previously generated. Based on the errors, it seems you are using a different file.

In general, the steps should be as follows:

  1. In the application where you are the owner, click on ‘Generate Zip’.
  2. You will receive an email with a link to download the file.
  3. Download the file - this file will be used for further steps, and it will already have the correct name, so do not rename it.
  4. Then, using this file, create a new application.

If the entire process is being carried out by the same developer, then the signature will not be required. However, if another developer is creating the application, the owner of the original application should provide them with the signature (which can be generated from Manage → Team → Generate Developer Signature).


Hi Viktor, thanks for the help. My browser was unzipping. I managed to start the upload, everything appears to work, the icon spins but the new applications is not created. No error messages. Any suggestions?

Hi @Paul_HIllen ,

If I’m not mistaken, you managed to successfully create the application (appID 999D4F62-8A9B-4BFB-A20C-0CDEA2931FD6). Please correct me if I’m wrong, and you are still experiencing issues.


Hi Viktor,
Yes and working now.