Moving recorded media from one app to another one

Since you guys said that versioning will be soon deprecated (starting v4.x).

The only way of creating another version of your app is to create a new app and import the data from the current one.

Can you tell me how I can move the recorded media I have in the current app to the new one? And to keep the same name, timestamp and publisher name.


Hey Andrei

You are totally right, AppVersion will not be in v4.x.
You can do that via copy/paste files in FileService:

    [FirstApp] - go to FileService [FirstApp] - click to "media" directory [FirstApp] - zip "media" directory [FirstApp] - go to level above (to the Root level) [FirstApp] - you will see file [FirstApp] - download file
    [SecondApp] - go to FileService (Root level) [SecondApp] - upload file [SecondApp] - unzip file (maybe you should combine/replace existed "media" directory by unzipped dir) [SecondApp] - go to MediaService and you will see all of your streams (timestamps and publishers should be restored)</img>

Hope it helped you.

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad,

This is not working.

  1. You cannot delete the media folder
  2. You cannot rename the media folder
  3. When you unzip the “” archive will create a folder “media(1)”

So please tell me how to proceed.


Hi Andrei

If this is a single occurrence of the problem (meaning you need to do it only once), let us know the app ID of the old app and the app ID of the new app and we can move the files for you.

Regards Vlad

Thanks Vlad!

For now I don’t need, I wanted to do this for a “staging” app I created. I added a workaround so I will get the videos from both folders “media” and “media(1)”.
I will contact you in case I will need this in the future.



Maybe it would be useful for you:
You can create a simple script for move files from “media(1)” into “media”

  1. retrieve list of all files inside “media(1)” directory

  2. move all these files into “media” directory