Multiple apps and one backendless

I have 2 questions in this post.
1)I have a client who needs 2 apps created. One app for customers and one app for business. Both will be using the same backendless data (think of it like shop business and consumers).
Can 2 android apps be used with one backendless app? Can one app send a message to another app?

  1. I need to have a server logic where everytime a record is added to the database to a specific table, an email is sent out to a specific email address.
    Is this possible to do?

Thank you


Yes, multiple client apps can use the same backend. Keep in mind that the app ID and API keys would need to be shared between the apps.

Apps can send messages to each other, there is nothing different here as you would have had a single app.

No problem on sending out an email when an object is saved. Simply use an API event handler (either beforeCreate or afterCreate) and add the code to send out an email there.