Multiple business logic.

I am creating examples handlers and timers and a doubt arose me , I need to download the code generated every time I want to customize a logic. I noticed that the classes that already have customized are also in the code that just download without changes made previously . How will this code when climbing to backendless , lose what has been done anteriomente ? What code is valid ?

The generated code does not know anything about your customizations. Suppose you generated code for the first time and add your own logic to it. After that you might debug and deploy your code to Backendless. If you need to modify that code by adding additional handlers or timers, the best way to do it is this:

  1. add handlers and timers in the UI
  2. download code
  3. merge the downloaded code from step (2) with the one you had from the first go round.


Good morning, Mark , Thanks for the reply . Do you mean that for example if I customize a code and make a big change , when generate another handler 'll have to download the code to add new logic and get the persanilzado code the first time put the current project and then debug and up pro backend , this will have to be made ​​mandatory every time you customize a code?

Hi Anderson,

If you generate and customize code (let’s call it “code A”) and after that generate more code (let’s call it “code B”), then you will need to merge code A and code B.

Alternatively, whenever you need to add more event handlers, you can add it manually and bypass code generation.


How would I create this bypass code?

“bypass code generation” means “do not do code generation and write code manually”

Muito obrigado…