Multiple choice defined in another apptable "Exceeded the maximum length"


I’m building a SaaS using backendless as a admin dashboard and I share it’s database with appgyver for a mobile app. I have 2 databases, 1 it’s for client/company preferences where I define departments and another for personalized items. I’ve associated each item with a client but I want to categorize them by using the departments defined in the other database and choose from the ones defined for that client.

For example:
Client 1 has 3 departments, A, B and C
Client 2 has 4 departments B, C, D and E

when i create an item for client 1 I want to only have A B and C available.
I’ve tried using data object relationship but when I select the departments I get this error “Exceeded the maximum length”

Thanks for the help

Hello @Reconquering_Medicine ,
Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

If you create a column with Multiple Choices and add a Value string longer than 250 characters, you will get an error because the default maximum length is 250. You can change the maximum length to 500 characters.

If this is not what you meant, please provide more detailed steps to reproduce and the Application ID of your app, so we can investigate the issue further.

Regards, Nazar


I’m not getting that error anymore but I still can’t reach my goal.

I don’t have a way to select only the departments I want in this row. for example only internal medicine and no cardiology or gastroenterology.



Try to disable multiple selection