Multiple filters on a repeater container

Hi, what’s the best way to filter a repeater with multiple different inputs?
I have a list of Sessions I am filtering them with fields such as inputs and date pickers see below.

See my codeless logic on the repeater data below.

So far I have 2 challenges,

  1. None of the sessions show if the filter inputs are empty.
  2. I’m not sure if this approach is the best where there are multiple filters.

Please advise.

Hello @Breldan_Muthaka

You should create “whereClause” like:
sesionTitle AND startDate = inputStartDate AND endDate = inputEndDate
(This is pseudo where-clause condition because I do not know you tables schema )
You can find out a little more here.


Thank you @viktor.liablin ,
What could I add here so that the query ignore’s empty constraints. So if I search by venue for example and not by the course title, it will return just the value with the venue selected without considering the title.


Something like that?
UI Builder - viewDataGrid - Backendless 2022-06-15 15-51-01

Looks good sir, this is a lot to take in at once. Let me try it out.
Hi @viktor.liablin,

I’m editing the previous reply after having a go at it.
I’m able to get each of the filters to work on their own. However, I’m not able to get them to work together.
If I filter by course__name for example and then add a filter by course__startdate The second filter applied doesn’t filter further.

Please see my logic here below.

Hi @viktor.liablin,
I found the issue, the and should be in lower case but I was had set it to be uppercase.

Not sure, do you have spaces for AND?


I recommend that you get the where clause string and test it in the search input in data browser

I printed out the where clause. So far no errors. I think the solution was to use the and clause with small letters.
Is this the way it should be, I checked this against the documentation herein, that you had previously shared.

..00'andend... - looks not correct
should be like: ..00' AND end...
Just add spaces before and after AND

Done this way I get errors on the console.

I’m not sure why this returns an error.

I’ve seen the issue was using the raw text "_" block otherwise I get the correct filtering.


Let’s try to enclose each condition in parentheses

(Courses[sesions].title LIKE '%Public%') AND (start__data at or after '1662015600000')
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