My account lost the Springboard plan

Is there some way to get my account returned to the free Springboard plan that I reached by doing Missions?

I sure hate to lose this valuable milestone.


Hi @Jeff_Bianchi

If you’ve got the Springboard unlocked you should be able to switch on the plan

Hi Vlad,

I don’t see where I can switch to the Springboard plan. When I refreshed the page today I got a welcome message video with Mark saying congratulations for reaching the Springboard plan and I tried to select my app in the popup window that shows the video. But when I clicked the button to ‘Continue Quest’ I got an error message that said the Springboard plan has already been activated or that I haven’t reached the milestone in Missions.

But if you check my account, you can see that I’m in the ‘Relations Master’ mission which is past the milestone for unlocking the Springboard account.

How do we get this to work?

yes, we have restored the plan for you.
ok, we are looking into it

could you please open Manage => Billing => Billing Plan and check if the Springboard plan can be activated

Woo hoooo! Success!

Thanks, Vlad.