My App is live!

After 2 years of developments I’m happy to see my app on the app store and play store.

the app (Arabic only for now) have many features and it functions as a community hub where shops can self advertise freely with images and videos and share links of their shops social accounts and store location.
app users can also ask questions-report missing-sell-buy personal stuff using the (cards) feature.
the cards give them the ability to engage in conversations with users (location based) and the ability to share location or image or their phone number privately with the card owner.

the app also give the users the ability to provide services such as food delivery and 16 other services. users can provide a service with no commissions or any fee.

the app utilize the “reputation” system for service providers, where they get points based on the quality of the service they provided and rated by the users.

here is a small video displaying the app

there is a lot of work on the server side in processing of uploaded multimedia. cutting/resizing/decoding/transcoding… etc.

using Backendless powerful ACL and node modules includes are on another level of power.

this project was only possible by the power and ease of use of the Backendless stack.

thank you all @staff from the bottom of my heart :heart:

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Hi Mohammad,

This is awesome! Congratulations! Building and launching an app is not a simple task.

Thank you for being a Backendless customer. We wish you a lot of success with your app.