My App vanished


I had created an App ID is F153E7C2-8AD0-A8BE-FF3F-1B54AC66BA00 on backendless . I had not accessed backendless for a month. When I logged today, the app had vanished. I created a new app.

Any idea why it might have been deleted along with its settings ? Is there a way to restore it ?

Thank you for your help.



Please check your app, it should be fine now.


Thank you!
My app is working now!


My app also vanished - it was ID: EBADE873-1806-E213-FF19-C2799935BB00

Can it be recovered?


Please check, your app should be restored.


It works now. Thank you!

Hello, could you please fix my app too?
APPID is “0CA33148-463C-1378-FFE4-236D04020500”

Hello, this app: CBBC8817-8488-1FA9-FF88-3FD2C7045200 of mine to has varnished…kindly fix it please.

@victor-kotov and @Cci_Developer your apps have been restored.

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Hi, Mark, many thanks! I assume what you’ve sent some alert emails about possible removal because of inactivity, but it seems to be lost between other bulk warning emails about free plan limits bump - I think these emails should not be so often.

Hi,could you please fix my app again?
App ID is F153E7C2-8AD0-A8BE-FF3F-1B54AC66BA00

@640_70, when was the last time you accessed the app?

About half year ago

We periodically clean our system from the stalled apps - that is the apps without any developer or API activity. We might be able to restore your app, however, there is a $100 administrative fee which must be paid. Please let me know if you would like to proceed.