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My Codeless blocks just disappeared!

(Paul Barnes) #1


I just lost all of my blocks in my Codeless API call.

I had left the browser for a few hours, came back to it, added a parameter to the http request block query and then selected to add a math integer block. On clicking add, everything disappeared except the API Service block and the new math integer block :frowning:

The code can still be invoked from the API Services page - until I deploy again of course.

I’m using safari on a MacBook Pro. I’ve cleared my cache but nothing brings back the blocks the Codeless editor.

Can this be fixed please ?


(Paul Barnes) #2


If I log into chrome, I can now see the blocks in the codeless editor.
I have redeployed using Chrome, and refreshed the browser in Safari, but Safari still sees the deleted blocks version.

(Mark Piller) #3

Could you try clearing the local storage in Safari and then reloading the console?

(Vladimir Upirov) #4

Hi Paul
make sure you clear Backendless namespace in the LocalStorage, all the unsaved Codeless logic is stored there

(Paul Barnes) #5

Hi Mark. I cleared the history for the whole day which worked - I had just done ‘Empty Caches’ from Safari developer, which wasn’t sufficient.

But I just saw the message from Vlad too.

Is Chrome generally more stable ?


(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #6

It does not matter what browser you are using