Name Of Files from directory


how i know that how many files are there in directory and also theire name.
Thanks Kinjal.

Hi Kinjal!

You can use directory listing request:

curl -H 'application-id : xxx' -H 'secret-key : xxx' -H 'Content-type: application/json' -X GET

The same opportunity added in latest versions of Backendless SDKs (method Backendless.Files.listing()).


now i can get list of files from directory.
Thanks kinjal.

when i call that url,in response i got this object


in it only i can see ‘createdOn’ created time. when i update this file at time its not changed. i need modification time too. is this possible?

Thanks kinjal.

In what way you update this file?
Currently server side not support modification time.
We will discuss this idea with development team.

see i am updating directly through console or want to upload same file again so file will overwrite and we can get modification time.

Hello, can we get list of files from directory using AS3 SDK ? if yes then how?

Ohh sorry… i was not see answered in first replay…‘The same opportunity added in latest versions of Backendless SDKs (method Backendless.Files.listing()).’

Thanks kinjal.

These methods were added in IOS, JS, Android sdks.
In .NET, Flex will be added soon.

okay thanks… let me know when it will done…

any other method for file listing for AS3 SDK ?

No, that functionality is not present in our SDK for AS at the moment


which other file property have been provided by api that can be used to compare the latest version of file.

Thanks kinjal.


We do not support versioning of files - you cannot have multiple versions of the same file in the file storage.