Native mobile applications

Hello Mark,

I’ve been reviewing Backendless and it looks great. However, I am a little confused.

Does the UI Builder create native IOS and Android applications. Every tutorial I watch uses a browser.


Hi Chuck,

UI Builder creates responsive HTML/JS/CSS apps. The app is composed in a way where it can be packaged in a native mobile shell to produce a hybrid app (we will be publishing the native shell code in the next few days). Alternatively, you can run the app in the Backendless Viewer app that is already in the app stores. For more info see the Backendless Viewer section here: Version 6.5 Release and Backendless Viewer | Backendless


Hey Mark,

Thank you so much for the response.

I decided to create a new app and start the 30 day trial. I am working threw the "mission with code”, using Flutter, and I find it to be quite enjoyable. Your guys are very professional and Backendless is very impressive. I don’t see most of the answers yet but somehow I trust we will be able to build our application using Backendless. My sister, Linda, and I are working together on this project in our spare time. She signed up yesterday and began working on the "mission with code-less” and she is very impressed as well. Linda is a scientist with zero coding experience and I have some Java, web and relational database experience. That was 15 years ago and I have since forgotten just about everything. We think we have great idea for a web, mobile app that could be very useful. I chose Flutter because of the one code-base fits all thing. All the tutorials demonstrate a single user application that stores document data, in single document collection. I don’t know how anything slightly complex or useful can be developed against a document database. Maybe, I’m just ignorant and unwilling to stray from the old relational database. User authorization, not authentication, appears to be impossible to manage against a file directory structure with access controlled using rules. Relationships and granular queries across collections of documents seems very complicated if not impossible. It takes a complex cloud function just to create a human readable, auto incrementing invoice number. I watch your video on Views and I was like wow. The Backendless database appears to have more in common with a relational database than a nosql database. I find it strange that a SQLite database can be embedded in a mobile app and used locally but there is no cloud-based counterpart.

Our application will require offline functionality. I’ve been told that you guys are working on it. I believe it will be delivered. I have spent more time looking for a suitable backend than writing Flutter code. I don’t know. Maybe, when I see the mobile shell, I’ll forgot all about Flutter. It is the end result that counts.

One question in closing…Does the mobile shell give access to native device features like camera and location?

I enjoyed the Jack Daniels reference in the Flutter Docs.

Again, thank you.


Charles Haberstroh

im guessing here. if its cordova then yes you got access to everything with plugins

Hello @Chuck_H ,

Thank you for choosing Backendless for building your application.
We provide the best of the NoSQL and SQL worlds. As a NoSQL persistent storage solution, Backendless Database structure can be defined on the fly with tables and table columns being created automatically based on the data you save via with APIs. As an SQL-based solution, you get the benefit of using relational data, indexing, SQL searches, and aggregate functions.
The security of your data, files, etc can be configured by putting permissions for users and roles in your app using the console graphical interface.
Unfortunately I cannot provide any estimations for the offline mode feature, but we’ll be glad to help you out if you have any questions in future.