Navigation Panel (create once, use everywhere)

What’s the best way to create a Navigation Panel? Something like this?
This would be on all pages in the Container, and when modified, changes would be reflected on all pages.

I checked the Codeless Development Guide. Also searched this forum for “Navigation”.

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Hello @Townsend

We are talking about “Reusable Components” when you are able to get some UI with its logic and make it reusable.
This is not implemented yet, but it’s in our roadmap and will be added in the nearest future.
Unfortunately, I can not provide any estimate for this.
For now, you need to create/replicate it on all the pages.

Regards, Vlad


Good to know!

I hard to believe that the Codeless FrontEnd UI Builder is only 3 months old and already SO tight and comprehensive. Everything works great. Having a lot of fun digging into the new Visual Modeler for Schema design. I’ve always had to use 3rd party utilities for this. What a pleasure having it built right into the IDE!!

Hello @Townsend

It is very pleasant to hear such flattering reviews and high appraisal of our work, thank you for that!

Just adding my two cents – or +1 or upvote or whatever anyone wishes to call it – for reusable components. Especially for navigation and other such header / footer elements.

This, the need for it, is very basic. Not having that capability is sooooo 1990s (and I can say that 'cause I was building websites back then in text editors and cursing repeated elements. Server side includes to the rescue by the late 1990s). But it is basic. Maybe too basic for all the wonderful things y’all’re achieving so it gets lost in the glitter of new and shiny features. :0)


Reusable components are on our roadmap with a very high priority.



Awesome sauce!