Need Advice: Booking platform with Backendless + Webflow

Hey everyone!

I’m talking to a client to work on a prototype for a booking platform for a sporting court. Ideally, I would pass on this project to a developer/team to handle, but since the client provided a limited budget we’d need a more creative solution.

Right now, I’ve settled with Webflow as the builder since I’m familiar with it and Backendless to handle the database, user and Stripe integration. While I’m familiar with JS/Jquery, I have never went deep into backend or database.

I just want to get your opinion on some things:

  1. Will I be able to have a usable platform with just Backendless + Webflow?
  2. I have found this on StackOverflow: Any thoughts on implementing this on Backendless?
  3. Hows the Stripe integration?

I have went through the Backendless Missions and would say I’m pretty confident with using the platform for this project, just need professional opinions. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hello, @Denny!

  1. Yes, you can make a pretty good platform with Backendless and Webflow tools.

  2. Regarding the topic on stackerflow:
    Two key points:

    1. You can submit a valid time-limited registration using a code, I suppose.
    2. Expiration times can be added using Javascript (you mentioned that you are familiar with it).

All other instructions, it seems to me, can be done using Backendless.

  1. As for the Stripe, we have a transaction API with which you can do this kind of logic.
    However, if you only need a Stripe, then why not? I think this should not be difficult.

Regards, Nikita.

Hi @Nikita_Fedorishchev,

Awesome, just the validation that I need for now. I’ll have to jump in and get a start on it.

Thank you Nikita!

@Denny, good luck and happy codding:)