Need help in setting up the server

I’m currently developing an iOS app that needs to receive information from a Backendless server, triggered via REST API calls. I’ve successfully created a prototype and confirmed its functionality using a provided test app. However, the challenge arises when considering how to manage the app across multiple iOS users. It seems necessary to inform the Backendless server about the specific iOS device to receive the information, likely through API calls. Additionally, maintaining a persistent connection raises questions about implementation.

Could you offer guidance on handling these aspects? Your support would be invaluable.

The app’s workflow is straightforward:

The client installs the app on an iOS device, which then initiates a connection to the Backendless server, generating a unique UUID for the device.
Through a web app or another interface, a user sends information to the device by making a REST API call, including the UUID in the header.
The device acknowledges the received information.

Despite the simplicity of this flow, I’m unsure how to begin with a Backendless server configuration.

Any assistance in setting up the server-side configuration would provide a fantastic foundation for the project.

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Could you please explain in more detail what you mean?