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Need Help Selecting Plan

I started evaluating Backendless for a new app yesterday, and completed Missions necessary to unlock the Springboard plan. I checked my account and am still set up for the Cloud 99 Plan with a trial expiration of Oct 28. I have not added a credit card because I am evaluating on behalf of a client, and don’t want to commit their money to anything until I am 100% sure the needs of the project are met. I wanted to try exporting schemas so I can import existing data, but received the message that “This functionality is not available for the current plan” and suggests I upgrade to a paid plan. I am confused as to which plan I need to be on to do a complete evaluation, or even to begin development. While my schemas are not extraordinarily complex, it would still take a very long time to input manually. What plans do you recommend for evaluation and development, please?

Thank you,

Hello @Kelly_Oglesby

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

Please provide your applicationId.

The transition to Sprinboard will be at the end of the trial period, but if you want, we can move your application to this plan faster.

A few points to consider:
Springboard is meant primarily for solo (non-team) development, while Cloud9 and Cloud99 are for more advanced development functions and most importantly for production deployments.
Springboard plan doesn’t have the SuperScaling feature and as a result multiple location access is not allowed.
Since the Springboard plan is meant to be used only for development, it doesn’t support any kind of parallel execution.
Export is not available on the springboard.

What are the differences in the plans, you can see here -

In order for us to advise you on a plan, we need more information about what you want to do.

What data did you want to export?

Thank you, Vladimir, that helps. My app id is 8149FCCE-07DA-F988-FFBB-6154872C9500. I am definitely solo - just one guy who develops disparate apps for various businesses. I am tired of trying to shoehorn real-world data into Firebase documents, so I am evaluating Backendless as my new go-to platform. So far, I LOVE it. It’s pretty much 100% intuitive, and I was up and working in mere minutes. If I were designing a backend platform, it is exactly what I would hope to achieve The Missions functionality is brilliant. You all must be so proud.

Anyway, the only thing I’ve been denied access to is exporting. I have no data to export yet, but I wanted to export test tables to see what must be present in the .csv files in order to do imports later. It’s not a big deal, I can figure it out by looking at the .csv files in the Missions. I just got worried when I found a feature turned off in the Cloud 99 plan!

Anyway, I read and understood the plan differences, but I didn’t see a list of things inaccessible during a trial. I’d hate to be a month into a project and find out that something critical is turned off. As for what I want to do (if I was given my wish) I’d like 4 free months to develop a small application in the exact environment the app will run in when it was done, then I’d enter the credit card info for my customer and be done. That said, if exporting is the only thing turned off for me right now, I am still perfectly happy, and have pretty much decided to commit to Backendless. I don’t need parallel execution, or anything fancy, really. So, I don’t need to change anything right now, I just want to get to work.

Thank you very much for the prompt response.