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Need some Support with Events

i need some support writing an event handler. My use case is the following:
Authenticated Users insert records into a transaction table. Each transactions is related to an item, which is a static set and stored in a separate table. So in my event handler i need to get the item’s properties to determine the price and update/deduct the users “balance” property (with the option to cancel the insert, if the balance is too low).
I would be happy to get some hints… I wasn’t really successful to find some samples for event handlers.

Best Regards

Hello @Jorg_Ackermann

Maybe our documentation will help you -
Developing Backendless Server Code with Java Generating Event Handler Code

Hi @Jorg_Ackermann,

As Vladimir suggested, go through the quick start guide first to get an idea for how event handlers work.

Once you you become a bit familiar, it would be a process of:

  1. registering an event handler for the Create event for the Transations table
  2. Using the Backendless API in the event handler to do exactly what you described (determine the price and update the property).