Need to find workflow history

Hey Vik, Dalue here.

I am trying to return to a certain date before making further changes to my work, but i cant find where to do that. Like a history panel or something. Is it possible to do that with backendless? I’v messed up everything and rewriting would be time consuming i just need to undo a few days.
Thank you.

Hello, @Dalubuhle_Lunga.

This is a paid service.
If you agree, please indicate for what date and time you want the backup, we will see if we have it.

Regards, Nikita.

Hey Nikita. I ended up recreating everything after reading that you guys don’t have version control. I don’t know if you can consider adding it in the future. I am using a paid service. Thanks for the quick response. If i mess up again before we have version control i’ll be back ;).

Thanks, Dalue.