Need to undo sync changes for my application

Application ID for LYNQ


Application ID for LYNQ_NON_PROD


Expected Behavior

I was trying to sync changes for LYNQ_NON_PROD into LYNQ

Actual Behavior

But did the other way around and wiped out months of work.

Just need to undo all the sync changes I ran today (02/17)

Hi @Innocent_Nwaukwa ,

Restoring from backup is paid operation. Its price is $200. If you want to proceed, please provide an application ID which should be restored and charged, approximate time in UTC+0 (without time zone) so we would be able to find suitable backup.

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Andriy_Konoz , this is the application ID: BBC4C8BE-6E60-4361-8559-EC9B388144C4.
Just need the 02/16 version restored.
The payment method is on file; if you need anything else from me, just let me know and I’ll provide it.

Thank You!

@Innocent_Nwaukwa ,

I created a task for recovery of your app and charged you for $200 to cover our engineers time. Since it is done manually we need time to complete it. Your app will be recovered tomorrow till 18:00 by UTC or even earlier. We let you know when recovery will be completed.

Regards, Andriy


Hello, @Innocent_Nwaukwa

Your app has been restored as of 02/16/2023 07:00 UTC.

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Thanks so much.