Nested toggle components within repeater block

Hi, I’m working with repeater block and toggle components to display ‘headline content’ but I also want to be able to click and display more detail by displaying/toggling another component within the same repeater block.
Currently, I’m getting errors when trying to toggle the component which is nested within the repeater block.

Example -
[componentBlock Headline] - Displays initial heading content if the user asks the system.
No. Houses in location ‘X’, Cost of House & Location (headline text)

[hidden componentBlock - more details]
‘5 bedrooms, etc, etc…’

When I try to initially assign componentBlock[fail] for the 'hidden componetBlock all the componentBlock assignments fail.

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Paul_HIllen!

Could you add some screenshots to make it easier for me to understand what the problem might be?


Hi Alexander,
I appear to be having problems with the the toggle component. If I work with a pages’ toggle component and I think delete a block which as a toggle block assigned then I get these errors -

The program runs correctly up to a point. Data is read and composed as requred but some toggled componets do not display.
I think this might also be the reason why I can’t toggle a component within a repeater component, I have been able to do this previously but current the block simply does not display.
Please advise on the best way forward.

Hi again,
The components are now all showing an error…

Any suggestions??

Hello @Paul_HIllen

Could you provide your app id?

Regards, Dima

Hi Dima,
ID - 45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000
Page in question userTopMenu2

That happened because you are made from many separated components - one reusable. When you do it, your components became one entity, and you couldn’t manage parts of them as you do it before.

Hi, can it be fixed?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to make components not reusable again.

I might have a zip backup downloaded previously. Can I restore just 1 page from that backup?

hello @Paul_HIllen

yes, you can unzip backup and copy the file to file service