net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_SAFEBROWSING is NOT solved here is my img that i uploaded successfully. But I can’t display it on my site, because Google Chrome thinks it is not safety.

What about this one? Do you get a browser warning?

yes, only in google chrome
in other browsers that doesn’t happens, but 60% users uses google chrome

What version of Chrome do you have? I cannot reproduce the problem. The webmasters console from Google doesn’t show any warnings for that domain either for us.

Yandex browser
based on Chromium

How about native Google Chrome? Does it happen there?

native chrome is ok…
but in Russia many people use yandex browser. What should I do?

When Google does something like this, they inform us and we delete any offensive content which people upload.

When Yandex does it, they do not inform anyone except probably Romkomnadzor. I do not know what and where they didn’t like.

You may consider adding a custom domain for your app.

Good luck!