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Network API Codeless

We I can find information regarding the Network API in Codeless to send a FORM two parameters?


Thanks, Mario

Hi Mario

Unfortunately, there is no ability to compose Form yet, but I believe we can add a block for that.
please let us know your end goal, and what you expect from that block. Do you want to send a file to some host?

Regards, Vlad

Yes, I have a form you can send the information by a HTML (name and path) or by Codeless an Event Handle when someone add the information by mobile.

Can you show me how to compose a Form using “Text”?

Or how to send two strings in a POST services to a API Server Service?

Thanks, Mario

you can send data as form using JS language

class SampleService {

  sendFormData() {
      num: 123


and in Codeless Designer you can find each api service in Toolbar

Btw, the ticket for adding that Codeless Block has been created, ticket’s number for reference is BKNDLSS-19090

Regards, Vlad