Network config generator with codeless logic


I’m trying replace values in a string/text, no success so far. The screenshot is an “on page enter” logic, “load table object” displaying the config template in a container/text. Is it possible to write in the values in the input fields to update the config output in real time?

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And btw, the submit button does not have a function in this matter.

Hello @Lars_Christophersen

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We will be happy to assist you. I need to ask you a few more questions so I can understand the problem better.
Do you want to substitute the values from the cells into the file when you click the Submit button?
Please provide your applicationId.
Please provide page and conteiner name with minimally reproducible example.


Hi, and thank you for quick response.

I do not want to use the button in the pic. I want to substitute the values “live”, when I write in the input field/cell. If it’s impossible to do so, I have to use a button.

App ID: 515C14A6-59D3-53A1-FF6D-5C06E3514500
Page: vsigenhuaTest
Container id: configContainer

Thank you!

I’ve already added some logic with binding and replacement in text. Could you confirm if it works in right way? And if everything is correct, you could ask about not clear parts.

Yes, that’s exatcly what I had in mind, works perfect :slight_smile: Is the logic in configTextArea finished? If so, can I duplicate that process for the last 3 inputs?

Thank you

Is the logic in configTextArea finished?

No, if you want it you must duplicate logic for every input, and add extra replacers for them(in content logic).