"Network Error" while creating a new Column


While I`m trying to create a new Column in a new Database, I get “Network Error”.

My app id: 637C788F-DD9D-9029-FF36-BE74F22E2000

I tried removing the database and creating it again, but I get same error message every time.

Thank you.

Hi Facundo,

In what table did you try creating the new column? What is the name of the column?


Table name: publicidades
Column name: anyone I try, I get the Network error message.

I just created column test. You can see it in console. There were no errors with it at all. When you see “Network error”, it might mean that your computer had trouble communicating with the server - the problem might be on your side of the network.

Well, I have no problem creating new columns in the rest of tables.

I will try it again. Thanks.

It is working now. Please close this thread. Thank you!