Network Error

I am getting a network error when I try log into backendless and some functions in my app are not working as a result

Hi Erich,

Do you still experience connection problems?

Hi Guys, I’m receiving [Network Error] message on Dashboard. I still have data working on my App, just on Backendless Dashboard.

AppID: 9CA9AA41-6892-4A1E-FFB5-95DEAF5A4A00

Hi Marcio,

it was a short-term problem that we fixed yesterday. Could you please check and confirm everything is fine now?


Hi @stanislaw.grin I’m still receiving (“message”: “Network Error”). Regards

Hello Marcio,
You needed to add to a list of domains under Domain Control section in App Settings:

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Thanks @sergey-chupovN0, didn’t know I had to enter subdomains too. Regards

Hi Guys, I’m also getting Network error on Upload pics. Already checked and the domain ( is included on my Domain Control. Do I have to include any other domain for upload?

AppID: 9CA9AA41-6892-4A1E-FFB5-95DEAF5A4A00


Hi Marcio,

I do not see any reference to our code in the stack trace. Are you sure the error is coming from Backendless?


Hi @mark-piller, this error is from this simple attempt to a file upload. Was working and now any form upload is giving me Network Error. All my files are located on users-bucket.

What is the value of ${metrics.dbConnect} ?

That’s my Const from .env file, fixed vars such as Backendless domain + AppId + AppKey
( dbConnect: ${BCK_LESS}/${APP_ID}/${APP_KEY}, )

The App_Key comes from a selector for Android and iOS devices. Which I recently regenerate these keys…

const APP_KEY ={
ios : ${API_IOS},
android: ${API_AND}

Just to confirm, the Backendless domain used in your app is, is that correct?
Also, when you get the error, is it from the app running on a device or from testing it locally on your machine?

Yes and yes @mark-piller, from ( ) and I’m debugging from an Android device.

Hi, @mark-piller I figure out what was causing the response Network Error, a wrong file path on android formData led to a blank body file. Looks like android requires “file://” on image path and iOS doesn’t.

Platform.OS === ‘android’ ? response.uri : response.uri.replace(‘file://’, ‘’) solve the issue.

Great job figuring this out!