New data grid visualization - Data from sources other than table?

@mark-piller, in your last newsletter you mentioned new data visualizations coming to BEL. The data grid caught my eye as I have a need to display tabular data and would prefer not to build something from scratch.

Any chance we can get a sneak peek? Also, does it have to be bound to a table for data (like the existing Data Table component), or will it be possible to feed it any data? In my case, I want to display data from an API call.


Hi Tim,

You will be able to give it a try as soon as it is released (quite soon).

Btw, there is an excellent Data Grid component in our Marketplace. I demoed it in one of the latest videos (see below). The component can be bound to an arbitrary collection of data:


I am excited about the visualizations, and can’t wait to see them.

Thanks for pointing out the Data Grid component in the Marketplace. That is exactly what I needed.

As always, thanks for the (very quick) help!