No access to Frontend and Backend/Data after upgrade to scale plan

No access to Frontend and Backend/Data after upgrade to scale plan

Could you please attach a few screenshots demonstrating the issue?

I can’t screenshot a non-responsive mouse when attempting to click on Backend/DATA or Frontend.

Can you record a loom video and share the link with us (or use any other tech to record a screencast)? We need to have additional information to be able to assist you.

Do you have any antiviruses installed?
Are there any browser plugins such as ad blockers? (we do not have any ads, but some plugins may be reporting false positives)

Could you please try opening up the console in another browser?

I am having the reported problems when using Backendless on the DuckDuckGo (DDG) browser.
I started up Google Chrome, signed in and everything appears to be working fine.
The AV I use is Avast/AVG. I wasn’t having problems prior to adding the 2 marketplace extensions.
I then went back to DDG, logged out of Backendless and logged in again. Same issue on DDG browser.

I think I found the problem. On the DDG browser, I also had a second tab open to another website that uses “” for collecting user info. That tab had gotten “stuck” and I had to flush it from teh system to get rid of it. Once that was gone, the DDG browser and Backendless are working fine.

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Thank you for sharing your findings. I am sure other users with a similar problem will find it useful.