No Connection to Server (2023/11/29)

Application ID: CB411F83-2292-179C-FF6B-D25974153100

No connection with server

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1.Can’t Login to the platform.

Same issue

Hi guys, we’ve been in the middle of upgrading our internal service to the newest version.
Now it should become available again. Please check now.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

All seems working thanks @stanislaw.grin

It is still not up entirely for me yet. I am assuming it will be soon.

Is there a way to get notified for such upgrades?
That we would not plan a live marketing push from our end on those times.
(Like the one I am in the middled of right now) :grimacing:

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Shows me this right now.

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We’re working on it

The issue is fixed, could you please check once again?
I really apologize for the false start.

Working now. Thank you.
Is there any way we can get intimated about this in the future?


The issue was unexpected for us too. We understand what the issue is and will take measures to prevent this from happening again.


Thank you very much for the prompt support :+1: