"No connection with server" error

Getting error on one of my apps:

Other apps work so must be local to this one.

I believe this was caused by deleting a page (in default container) that was open in UI builder (after copying to another container). Copying it back did not fix.

Can’t get to any containers so app is ‘frozen’. Help!

Hello @Jim_Austin

What’s your appId/containerName?


I can see a strange page with name “aNote_test_pages_to_default_container”, there are files from another ui-container in the directory that’s why the UIBuilder is not able to display the “default” ui-container

If you remove the directory ui-builder/containers/default/pages/aNote_test_pages_to_default_container it should solve the problem

  1. could you please describe the steps which led to the issue?
  2. have you changed files directly in the /ui-builder directory

Thanks Vladimir, removing that file cleared the error.

The steps were exactly what you surmised: I copied that page directory from another application into default/page directory of this app. I’ll remember this one for a while …
Thanks again!