Not able to access the the SpringBoard plan (Trial Period Ends)

Application ID: 48558DBA-1E2F-87F5-FF09-DD723AA81200

Even though completing the missions, My dsahboard is showing “Trial Period Ended”. Even my usage has been almost negligible.

How can start using the application again.

Hi @Deepak_Nesarikar!

Have you selected this app for Springboard when you have opened “Stringboard” via “Missions”?

Regards, Andriy

Thanks for quick response.

I have only one app in the dashboard. Also i dont remeber getting any option to select the app in the missions window

About “Trial Period Ended” warning. Trial period is given for 1 month. As I see from the logs this app was created on 30 of September and was blocked on 30 of October.

About “Springboard” selection. From logs I can see that “Springboard” was applied to another app. It looks like you completed missions in another app, assigned “Springboard” to it and then removed it.

Would you like to restore your “Springboard” for app with ID “48558DBA-1E2F-87F5-FF09-DD723AA81200”?

Regards, Andriy

Yes. Definately. That would help.

Hello @Deepak_Nesarikar,

please go to the Missions screen again. Springboard will be applied automatically to your app.


Thanks. Resolved

I am having a similar issue. Trial period expired prior to achieving Springboard. Now all API calls required for Missions are blocked so I cannot get the Springboard. Any solution to this?

Hi Adam,

If you would like to pursue the Springboard plan through missions, you can delete the app with expired trial and create a new one. It will have another 30 days trial and your missions progress will not be lost

Alternatively, you can purchase the Springboard shortcut in the marketplace and unlock Springboard by doing so.


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