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Not able to export data

When trying to export app data I get the following message:
Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 11.43.11

I AM on an (old but) paid plan. Can you please check - the appId is BDCD56B9-351A-E067-FFA4-9EA9CF2F4000

Best Regards,
Milen Marinov

I also get a similar error when I create a staging app instance and try to sync the changes:
Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 12.01.27

Hello @milen-marinov

The issue has been fixed and we are going to release it, we will notify you when it’s done!
Sorry for the inconvenience

Regards, Vlad

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we just released the fix, could you please try to export your data

The export functionality is working now. However, the sync functionality still shows the same error.

could you please specify the appId of the target app you are trying sync to

Sure, it’s A2E71FD3-94A4-E6FE-FFFD-A881FCD2AA00

the staging app is on trial plan and that’s why you can not migrate data from your paid app

I see (the error says ‘Changes cannot be deployed FROM aplications on…’, though)
So, is there an option to have two apps on the Springboard plan without paying $5000?

the Springboard plan is for development purposes only, may I ask you why you need to have two apps in the development stage?

You can have one app on the Springboard plan for dev/staging and another one might be in production.
Once your dev/staging app is ready for release you just sync these changes to the app in production.
Does it make sense?

Regards, Vlad

It’s a non-profit app for helping animals so I’m trying to optimize the costs as much as possible. The Springboard’s limits are enough for production for now so I’ll switch the prod app to it once I complete the migration from GeoService. So I don’t want to pay $25/month for having a staging app and $5000 once payment is definitely out of question.

where do you get this price? our Springboard coasts only $50

oh, I see
sorry for that, it should be $50 =)
we are working on the fix

Ok, 50 is a more reasonable price :smiley:

The price for Springboard Shortcut has been fixed - it is $50 now.


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Let me also ask - does the Springboard plan allow export? It’s kind of free but you can also pay for it so I’m not sure and it’s not present in the plan comparisons.

No, the export function is available only in Cloud9 and Cloud99 plans.


I see. Ok, thanks for the response!

One more question - I have unlocked the Springboard plan by completing the missions and haven’t yet applied it to any app. I want to use it for my staging app (A2E71FD3-94A4-E6FE-FFFD-A881FCD2AA00) but the billing section says that it’s not available:
Screenshot 2020-10-21 at 15.40.53
Can you please check what is the problem?