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Not able to pass Email setting.

Below are the details I want to configure in email setting.
SMTP server :
Port : 587
Email id :
I have turned on “Access for less secure app” but still I’m getting “Username and password are not accepted”

Cannot reproduce your issue.

@Sergey Kukurudzyak: Yesterday I refered to post I was unable to save the email setting with error “Username and password not accepted”. So I changed my password and tried. Now it gives “Server not available” and “Internal server error with id 3F25BD0C-8C3E-BEC4-FFA7-C1B5A16A1800” with some random id.

Please let me know wt should I do now?

@Sergey Kukurudzyak: I don’t know what the problem is but I was able to save Email settings successfully by simply pressing “Save Button” without “Test Button” . Thanks a lot :slight_smile: