Not able to update User to User relationship

Hello Team

I have relation in User table to user object named ‘partner’ when I am adding a user as a partner to currentuser(myself) its working fine but when I am trying to reverse i.e adding currentuser(myself) as a partner to the other user the app is crashing ‘EXC_BAD_ACCESS’ 'below is the code and crash logs (however it is meaning less).

-(void)acceptPartnerRequest:(PartnerRequests *)request response:(void(^)(BackendlessUser *))responseBlock error:(void(^)(Fault *))errorBlock {
id<IDataStore> dataStore = [backendless.persistenceService of:[BackendlessUser class]];
[CURRENT_USER setProperty:@“partner” object:request.senderUser];
[dataStore save:CURRENT_USER response:^(id response) // working fine{
[request.senderUser setProperty:@“partner” object:CURRENT_USER];
[dataStore save:request.senderUser response:^(id response) // crashes here {
id<IDataStore> requestStore = [backendless.persistenceService of:[PartnerRequests class]];
[requestStore remove:request response:^(NSNumber *result) {
} error:^(Fault *error) {
} error:^(Fault *error) {

} error:^(Fault *error) {


Please help

Could you please categorize your ticket in regard to SDK you use?
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We also need schema of your application.


Looks like you set a current user relation to itself - you shouldn’t do this.

Actually its like a partner one 2 one functionality, the relation is something like this

currentuser.partner = user2
user2.parnter = currentuser

this is what I did above

In this case you shouldn’t use autoload for ‘partner’ field.

I am no using autoload, however I managed to it some other way, but whatever is the case I believe api shouldn’t crash atleast, Thanks for you support.