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Not getting objectId in the Event Handler

I have an event handler that is working after creating a record in the DB.
I am getting each column’s value but not objectId of the table

I have tried logs to check this but getting it as undefined

please help on this ASAP.

Hello @Baljeet_Singh

We will investigate the problem and respond as soon as possible.


Yes please. @Inna_Shkolnaya


I could not reproduce this warning in my test application. Please provide your APP ID.
If ignore this warning, the handler works as expected?


Hello @Baljeet_Singh

I believe the Request Object doesn’t have objectId property since this is an afterCreate handler, instead, try to use the Response Item block

Regards, Vlad

Thanks, it worked now. Do I need to use Response Item to fetch all other items?

Request Item - this is an object you send from a client
Response Item - this is an object the server is going to return to the client

Got it. Thanks