Not getting recognized for this mission

Task: Retrieve Object With API

I am trying to use REST console to do this.
I have done as said in the mission description, and it all works, and I get result. No recognition by mission completion.
Then I tried to search forums, and was suggested to read some documentations, for example this:

upon which I have tried to my best ability copy and apply, adjusting content to go for the Person database. It works, I get result. But still no recognition for mission.

I have tired to use my app id and the Javascript keyfor the id numbers.

I am so sorry for harassing you at this forum. :slight_smile:

Hi Helena,

Could you please attach a screenshot showing how you structured the request and what result you received?


At first I copied the javascript from example like thus:

And my Track API slider is ON.

I would like to see the entire screen please. Also putting JS code in the request body is incorrect.

I want to change focus now.

Now I want to actually learn how to use the REST console in correct way, from scratch (but that it will work with the missions).

But all the searches on my part didn’t return for helpful answers. I would like to have some kind of tutorial for total beginners. Tutorials or texts that will not assume you know something on beforehand. If you know what I mean? Maybe you can help me finding such?

I will continue trying to find such myself meanwhile, but yea. Thank you!!!

And now I have found youtube video, and I managed to do some missions on my own! yay.

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