Not Relations,Can be linked to the 2 table query?

Application message to be sent

Is not designed to, a message, send a lot of users, but also to know whether the message view

Send a personal message to 1000,Everyone also knows whether the message view,How design structure?

Backendless use mysql, or mongodb?


Could you please explain in more details your question.



No English, no good description

var query1 = new Backendless.DataQuery();
query1.options = {pageSize: data[4].value, offset: data[3].value,condition: "Notice[Users].objectId='838B0879-87F5-E317-FFA6-24CA175B3D00'"};// +
//"and Notice[status].isSee=null or isSee=true"};
Store = Backendless.Persistence.of(Classes.Notice).find(query1);
Condition is not easy to use,There is only one piece of data, return 2