Not updating values

Backendless does not update values!
I am trying to update 2 properties after 4 seconds in a loop as my location gets changed I want to upload the latest coordinates into backendless! The API does work but the values are not updated in console??

Hi @Saad_Zahoor2!

Please, provide your app ID, information about routes of REST API which you used and also table name with property names for which you encountered this problem.

Regards, Andriy

App Id: 6E1677DA-04FF-4D63-80CC-B7DE756AEF66

 Backendless.Data.of( "PassengerChauffeurConnection" ).update(whereClause, update, new AsyncCallback<Integer>() {
                    public void handleResponse(Integer response) {

                        Log.i("TrappedInside" , "Info Uploaded to backendless: ->>  Lat: " + latitude + "\nLong: " + longitude);


                    public void handleFault(BackendlessFault fault) {
                        Log.i("TrappedInside" , "Fault:  " + fault.getMessage());


Table Name: PassengerChauffeurConnection


first, the data type of the properties was double then I thought if I changed it to the string maybe my problem will fix but still not updating the console.


I have checked locally and on our prod environment. In both cases changes made via Android SDK or REST API were displayed in Console correctly.

Are you shure that your where clause matches at least 1 record? Add to your handleREsponse method logging of response and check your logs. This variable contains amount of records which were updated and we will find out if it actually updates records.

Regards, Andriy