Nothing To Deploy

I downloaded the project files and use the command npm run debug but I always get the error “Error: Nothing to Debug/Deploy” both for debug and deploy respectively. I dunno why it’s doing that.

npm run debug

> Shifter-servercode@1.0.0 debug /Users/cloudprogrammer/Desktop/Coding/Apps/ShifterTimer
> coderunner debug

14:17:29.715 - CodeRunner(tm) Backendless JavaScript CodeRunner v4.4.3
14:17:29.720 - Copyright(C) 2017 Backendless Corp. All rights reserved.
14:17:29.973 - Starting Debug Code Runner...
14:17:29.975 - Building Model..
14:17:30.019 - Model Build completed
14:17:30.019 - Timers (1):
14:17:30.020 - ShiftDelete (timers/shiftdelete.js)
14:17:30.021 - Error: Nothing to Debug

I can’t just use the console to create the server code because I need to use 3rd party modules.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for you report, Mudasar!

The issue was fixed.
Please install latest backendless-coderunner using this command (run from your project dir) :

npm i backendless-coderunner@latest -D

Awesome, thanks man. This is now the 3rd time I’ve gotten you guys to update a npm package haha. Swift and succint support as always.