Npm deployment timeout

Hello! During deployment with “npm run deploy” I constantly get the following error message:

Error: Unable to publish model.

504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out


And the new code could not be deployed. How to fix it? Deployment process stopped for us and we can’t deliver new code anymore.

Thank you for help!

Hello @andrey-olishchuk

Please provide with us your AppID.
And could you please try to deploy with the following command npm run deploy -- --zip-size-confirmation to see how big your business logic is.

Regards, Vlad

Preparing app zip file for deployment…
3345 files added into deployment archive
Generated Zip File size is: 15.13 MB

AppID: 7D0CA196-6BFB-3B9F-FF01-EBB42A286700
It worked the day before yesterday and was adjusted not dramatically, just with some lines of code.

We are experiencing some issues with FileSystem, that’s the reason why you are getting timeout errors. Our engineers are working on it and we will notify you about result here.

Internal ticket for reference is: BKNDLSS-20852

Thank you for your patience.
Regards, Vlad

@andrey-olishchuk we have fixed the issue

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Hello! It works fine, thank you!