null values being saved in the table

when saving the values the table shows increment of row but all values saved as blank
here is the code for the Orders class and its calling

package com.example.admin.wrapsody.Server_Objects;

public class Orders {

private String address, coupon, comments, email, extras,
order, ordertime, phone, restrauntloc, status, subtotal;

public void setAddress(String address) {
    this.address = address;

public void setCoupon(String coupon) { = coupon;

public void setComments(String comments) {
    this.comments = comments;

public void setEmail(String email) { = email;

public void setExtras(String extras) {
    this.extras = extras;

public void setOrder(String order) {
    this.order = order;

public void setOrdertime(String ordertime) {
    this.ordertime = ordertime;

public void setPhone(String phone) { = phone;

public void setRestrauntloc(String restrauntloc) {
    this.restrauntloc = restrauntloc;

public void setStatus(String status) {
    this.status = status;

public void setSubtotal(String subtotal) { this.subtotal = subtotal; }


here is the code for saving
Orders orders = new Orders();
orders.setStatus(“ordered”);, new AsyncCallback<Orders>() {
public void handleResponse( Orders response )
Toast.makeText(Review_order.this, “Ordered” , Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
public void handleFault( BackendlessFault fault )
Toast.makeText(Review_order.this, "Orders error - "+fault , Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

Try this before querying the table:

Backendless.Persistence.mapTableToClass("Orders", Orders.class);

nope still not working …all other tables are working fine
tried making new table and new class
tried Backendless.Persistence.mapTableToClass(“Orders”, Orders.class);
still getting same error

got the solution my class didn’t contain the getABC( ) functions… i thought they weren’t necessary since i am only storing values and not getting them in the app.
later realized that backendless uses these functions to get the objects .
explains why null values were being stored …