Number of events in Standalone server

Hi there,
I am currently using the standalone server on my development server. When I tried to test the deployment of business logic, I encountered the following:
[INFO] Runner successfully registered.
[INFO] Parsing event model…
[INFO] Build successfully event model: EventModel{ timers=0, eventHandlers=7 }
[INFO] Deploying model to server…
[INFO] Model successfully deployed…
[INFO] Deploying 7 event handlers and 0 timers to the server…
[INFO] Successfully deployed all event handlers and timers.
[WARN] The deployment will result in additional charges as it exceeds the free plan limit.
[INFO] See the Billing screen in Backendless Console for details.
[INFO] The billing screen is available at Manage > Billing.
[INFO] CodeRunner will shutdown now.
[INFO] Debugging Utility disconnected successfully.

[INFO] Thank you for using Backendless.
My understanding is that there is no restriction to the number of business logic I can run on the Standalone. Is that the case or it is still restricted to 5?

Please post here content of conf/ file.