Number of files in a folder


Wondering if there is any limitation to the number of files in a folder.

Is it OK if I place a growing number of files in a single folder, or should I arrange for some sort of subfolder structure so that the total number does not grow too large ?

Also thanks if you could explicit the possible issues : performance ? timeout ? memory limit ? Or is Backendless built to handle all of this just fine ?

For storing files Backendless use disk file system. With all its pros and cons.
Thus it is not recommended to store the huge amount of files into one dir. You may keep in mind the amount about 2k files-dirs inside one dir. But it also depends on your requirements. If the response time is ok for you, try to put a little bit more objects in directory. As you see it’s more of an empirical value than a theoretical one.

Thanks for your reply. Indeed I have only thought about this now that I am thinking about scaling the solution. So if in the future there is a possibility that users may store tens of documents and that I expect to have thousants of users, it’s a good idea the devise a storage structure which is not flat…