On change event delay before execute

Good day team.

First off all, thank you for this awesome platform to be working on, I really enjoy it here!

I would like to know if it is possible to put a “delay” on the on change event?

My example scenario:

I have an input field, that on change event must save to database. But, lets say the input field contains 200 characters, that means 200 api save calls. I know the obvious work around will be the lost focus event, but my concern is that sometimes a user types the 5 fields that needs to be filled, and simply just close the browser, meaning the last field won’t be saved as it’s in focus until the browser is closed.

What I would like to do is, on change event, wait lets say 5 seconds, and save to database. So that the users has the opportunity to type more characters before the save event occurs.

I hope it makes sense, please let me know if I should try and clarify more.

Hi @Frans_Fourie ,
There is something in the knowledge base which might help you


Thank you Klaas.

That is perfect! I appreciate your help