On mobile app : how to return from webview and/or open browser?


I am faced with what could seem like a simple problem, but one I can’t manage to find a solution to.

When starting my mobile app, I need users to agree with our terms and conditions. Therefore I provide them with a link to the document, which is hosted on my website.

Using the “Open Web Page” block and the conditions’ URL, this opens up in a webview. However I can’t see any way for my users to close the webview and return to the app.

Alternatively, I have tried to set “Open in another window” to true, hoping that it would open up in the browser, but the behavior seems identical.

Therefore I have to questions:

  1. How can I close the webview and return to the app ? Ideally, is there a way to add a “Close” or “x” button somewhere on top of the webview or above it ?
  2. How can I open a URL in the mobile device’s browser instead of the webview ?

The answer to any of the two would solve my issue, but I would gladly learn to do both !

Thanks for your help.

Note : I am using the native mobile app shell provided by Backendless.


Sorry for the late reply.
An internal ticket BKNDLSS-28756 to investigate this question has been created.


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Thanks, that would be very helpful.
For now, I don’t really know how to tackle this issue.

Hello, @Nicolas_REMY.

I’ve updated the repository of native app shell app in GitHub. You can pull new changes and try again.
Let us know if everything is ok now.

Best Regards, Nikita.

Hi @Nikita_Fedorishchev and thank you for alerting me.
I pulled the changes and am attempting to run a debug version of my app.
However, could you please describe how the changes you did materialize ?
Maybe everything is OK, but I don’t really know what I am looking for.
Did you go the “close webview” or the “open in browser” way ?


I have implemented a way to close the webview.

And there is logic of my button

Everything worked for me.

Okay, I think I have managed to see it : it looks like a banner on iOS only, right ? I don’t see anything on Android. And the back button is white on a very light green, so that’s not great. But I suppose I can find a way to change its color in Flutter, right ?

yes, of course, just change the color of the button in this file: lib/src/web_view/build_child_web_view.dart

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Just coming back to my initial question, though, is there a way to launch a page in the smartphone’s browser ? In the described use case, my issue is solved by the new implementation, but it’s just I would gladly learn how to do that for some other situations.

Yes, you can. I found a suitable question on stackoverflow check out this information.

Thanks, will look into it.